Olin Vanek, Oliva Service Carpet Care, Owner / Operator12/01/2018
Olin Vanek

——–My Story —

In 1997, I was hired as a carpet cleaner by a local carpet cleaning company. I had no idea the cleaners I was using on a daily basis were harmful to my health.

After a few years on the job, I started to feel nauseous when spraying the products. I thought I had a touch of the flu until I took a two week vacation. I started to feel better almost immediately. By the end of the vacation, I felt great. The nausea returned however, on my first day back to work.

Only then did I make the connection between the use of cleaners and the onset of my health issues. I actually left the company very soon and started my own business, “Oliva Carpet and Rug Cleaning”, where we put the health and safety of people, their pets and the environment above all else.

Since making the switch to environmentally friendly products with natural ingredients, my symptoms have completely disappeared. Happily, I can offer my customers safe cleaning products AND amazing cleaning results.

Mrs. Russo- Oakville11/01/2017
Mrs. Russo

I want to say BIG THANKS to Oliva Service Carpet cleaning in Oakville, for doing such a fantastic job. I have also recommended my daughter, and my brother ,and we all are very happy with your cleaning job!
From all oakville Carpet cleaning companies, Oliva is my #1 choice!

Debbie, Oakville10/01/2016
Debbie, Oakville

“It’s very reassuring to know that my grand children are playing on carpets that have been deep steam cleaned by Carpet Cleaner Oliva Service from Oakville. Thank You Olin !!!

Phill, Burlington09/20/2015
Phill, Burlington

“When I got a new puppy, I thought my carpeting would have to be replaced. Once they finished cleaning, my carpets smelled better then before we got the puppy. Many companies are promising to remove pet stains, but Oliva Service in Oakville is the one who really does the job right !”

Darrel and Mary -Milton08/31/2013
Darrel and Mary -Milton

Dear Olin
Just sending this email to let you know that me and my wife were exceptionally happy with the job you did for us, cleaning and sanitizing our carpets.
We just took ownership of a resell house in Milton. The previous owners had a cat and a dog. I happen to be allergic to both cats and dogs so upon discovering this, you could only imagine how concerned I must have been. Further to this, we have a new born baby who happens to spend a great deal of her time rolling around on the carpet in our family room.
You did a fantastic job deodorizing and cleaning our carpets. You seemed to take an authentic interest in seeing to it that the job was done professionally, and thoroughly. needless to say, the carpets in our new house feel and smell like new and my allergies are under control.
Thanks for doing a great job, I will be recommending your service to all my friends and family in the future.

Jenny -Oakville04/01/2012
I would like to thanks to Oliva Service for saving my carpet !
I have rented Rug doctor carpet cleaner from local grocery store, and cleaned my basement carpet and steps. I have noticed, that machine was not vacuming water properly, but decided to complete cleaning.
My basement carpet was wet for 2-3 days and I have noticed inceasing rotten smell. I have called Oliva Service Carpet Cleaning for advice, what to do in this situation. Olin(the owner) was kind enough to explain all the details. I have a berber carpet , that should NEVER be cleaned by such a small machines. Water and dirt, that stayed in the carpet simply started turning into sewage.
Oliva Service were at my house same day, Olin cleaned and deodorized all carpet, so next morning was everything perfect !
Mark and Emily, Oakville02/20/2010
Mark and Emily, Oakville

I just want to say a big “THANK YOU”, Olin, owner of Oakville Carpet cleaning company OLIVA SERVICE .Each time you come and clean our carpets, you do a fabulous job. You are fast and efficient and always give hints of keeping the carpets like new. You are a pleasure to work with.

Giovani- Property Manager02/15/2007
I would like to thank Oliva Service Carpet cleaning for fabulous jobs, especially water damage claims. Olin , owner was allways easy to reach, on the job within a few hours and always done great job.
Thank you !!
Carrol, Oakville01/16/2004
“With 2 children and a dog, my carpets require the best carpet care company. Oliva Service is the one I can count on. They are always reliable, courteous and professional.”
Suzan, Milton01/01/2007
“If you are looking for a super carpet cleaning job, call Oliva Service. I would recommend them to anyone. I have a baby, a toddler and two cats. Believe me… I have had a lot of stains on my carpets. Oliva Service was able to remove all the stains and I’m completely satisfied with the results. They were very patient and polite. There’s nothing better than a healthy clean carpet.”

 Joseph, Oakville01/16/2012
“With 2 children and a dog, my carpets require the best carpet care company. Oliva Service is the one I can count on. They are always reliable, courteous and professional.”
 Anita , Oakville01/01/2013

I had a plumber flood my bathroom floor and adjacent carpeted family room as he unplugged my downstairs toilet. He left the mess behind him and said it was my problem to deal with. I called Oliva carpet cleaning after reviewing ratings on google, and reading comments posted. Service was EXCELLENT, from my initial call for help, through to them completing the job. Not only did they replace underpad and clean the area that had been contaminated, they cleaned the entire traffic areas of the carpet free of charge. They were on time, polite, respectful, and considerate, and did an absolutely fabulous job. I highly recommend Oliva Service company. Thanks for saving my basement carpet.

Craig, Burlington, 3/18/2013——————————————-

Hi Olin. Just wanted to let you know that Sue and I are, as always, totally pleased with the great service. I know it’s no surprise to you that Henry did a fantastic job of making old broadloom look like new!  When the area rugs, that you took for in shop cleaning, wiil be back,  come back we can book a day to do duct cleaning again. Having a couple small jobs were the drywall will be cut so it would be after that.  Again,thanks for terrific service!  Craig.